Meredith & Bliss

Both Canadian, they met by chance at summer school in France.  

I’m not certain it was love at first sight (Mere was 18, Bliss was not) but it was definitely amusement at first sight.  

He cooked for her and she was in! She soundly beat him at ping pong and he was in!  

He found out how old she was and panicked.  They parted ways.

She gathered all her courage and went to meet his plane at the airport.

The End 

He travelled most every weekend 4-6 hours on a Greyhound bus to meet her either in Toronto or in Kingston, ON.

He moved to Kingston to be closer to her and complete another degree.

They moved to Paris and got a 400 year old apartment on the Ile. St. Louis.

They spent 8 glorious weeks living in Paris until he got a call from the London School of Economics that there was a place for him in their Master’s Program.

She gave up her European dream and moved back to Toronto to get a job and support him. 

When he finished his year in London, he came home and asked her to marry him.

The End 

They’ve been working and building their community while running their own businesses, she as an Interior Designer, and he as a Public Affairs Advisor, while raising their two amazing children since getting married in 1992.

Bliss just sold his company so now they are working together on their passion project with one of the amazing children.

Don’t worry, the other amazing child is happily working on her passions. 

They can’t wait to see what they can build together.

Witness…The Birth of Wellhouse

“We can’t wait to share our journey and empower you to Own Your Wellness in our unapologetically unique and exceptionally well designed saunas.”


The End 

p.s.  She’s still amused, he’s still cooking for her and being beaten at Ping Pong